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Brass Wood Bushings for Wood Frame Homes

1.30 LBS
Brass Wood Bushings hurricane hardware
  • For Installing Combination Sidewalk Bolts in Wood or Frame Stucco Homes

  • Slotted for Easy Installation - Use a Regular Slotted Screw Driver or Brass Wood Bushing Power Tool Attachment 

  • How to Install:

    1. Mark where you need to install your brass bushings - Generally every 6 to 12 inches 

    2. Use a 3/8" Wood Spade Drill Bit to drill a hole deep enough to insert the Brass Wood Bushing into the wood so that it is just below flush with the exterior.

    3. Insert the ¼-20 Brass Wood Bushing with the unslotted portion into the hole first.

    4. Using a slotted screw driver or wood bushing tool, screw the Brass Wood Bushing into the hole until it is fully embedded in the wood.

    5. Position your hurricane panel over the Brass Wood Bushing Anchors and affix it with the ¼-20 Sidewalk Bolt  

       6. After the Storm has passed, remove the hurricane panel and screw the 1/4-20 Sidewalk Bolt back into the bushing.