Quick Dam Sandless Sand Bags and Flood Barriers

Quick Dam Sand Bags

Quick Dam Flood Bags and Flood Barriers (Sandless Sandbags) absorb, contain & divert problem flood water

  • Activates when wet, no sand needed
  • Inner absorbent turns to gel & creates a barrier
  • Grows to full size in minutes, 12in x 24in x 3.5in & 32 lbs - stack as needed
  • Compact, lightweight & quick & easy to deploy
  • Grows when wet & shrinks while evaporating, so keep reusing for months
  • Lasts for months, eventually degrading over time
  • Use indoors or out, best used to divert water outdoors, preventing flood damage
  • Not for use with salt water, lime or calcium- causes chemical reaction that deflates bag
  • Environmentally friendly, nontoxic & nonhazardous