Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters generally ship within 4-6 weeks. These times are estimates based on prior orders and can change at any given time due to supply and demand. In slower times, many orders are completed sooner than these estimates whereas in busy times the orders may take longer than estimated. We can assure you we always work extremely hard on getting all orders completed as soon as possible. 


 Accordion Shutters are permanently installed on the left and right side of your opening and are among the most popular type of hurricane shutter available. Accordion shutters are also the easiest type of hurricane protection systems to use as they can be easily opened and closed in seconds! They can be locked from either the outside or the inside for added security and protection and are often used as a theft prevention system. 

Our Accordion shutters are made of high-grade aluminum and are considered one of the strongest shutters available.

We offer the Bertha HV™ Accordion shutter, a high grade aluminum storm shutter considered by many to be the best accordion shutter available. They have been in business for nearly 40 years - do not be fooled by cheaper alternatives! 

The Bertha HV™ Accordion shutter:

Meets Florida Building Code for High Velocity Hurricane Zones FBC (HVHZ) and Non-High Velocity Hurricane Zones FBC (Non-HVHZ)
Meets Texas Department of Insurance Standards (TDI)
Meets International Building Code (IBC)
Meets International Residential Code (IRC) 

Additional Benefits and Features:

  • Quick response to storm threats - closes easily and quickly to protect your opening in the event of a storm.
  • Convenience - no more putting up and taking down heavy storm panels. 
  • No storage space needed - since the accordions are permanently installed valuable storage space is freed up. 
  • Provides added security with a choice of either inside or outside locking systems.
  • Available in colors of White (WH), Ivory (IV), Beige (BG), and Bronze (MB).
  • Unobstructed View - in the open position the accordion is equally stacked to both sides which offers a full view with no obstructions.
  • Energy efficient - In closed or semi-closed position accordion reflects sun's harsh rays and provides shade - lowering your energy bills.
  • Privacy - When closed, accordion shutters restricts ability to see into the opening. Can be used to secure your property when vacated.
  • Increases value of your property- accordions are considered an upgrade to your property which increases its net worth. 
  • Minimal Maintenance- aluminum construction needs only occasional washing as needed and regularly scheduled lubrication of rollers and locking mechanism with a silicon based product.