Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters generally ship within 4-8 weeks. These times are estimates based on prior orders and can change at any given time due to supply and demand. In slower times, many orders are completed sooner than these estimates whereas in busy times the orders may take longer than estimated. We can assure you we always work extremely hard on getting all orders completed as soon as possible. 


Bahama Shutters, also known as Bermuda Shutters, are a great addition to any property as they enhance the look and design of your home or business while providing maximum hurricane protection and permanent shade from the sun at the same time. By keeping the sun’s constant rays from hitting your windows, Bahama shutters can lower your energy bill and keep your home cooler throughout the year. Bahama Shutters can also be used for privacy as their unique design allows homeowners to see out but not allow outsiders to see in.

Bahama Shutters are attached to your home with a strong hinge above your window and can be easily maneuvered to be  fully open, partially open, or fully closed - all within seconds via the adjustable Bahama Shutters arms (Included).  They can be powder coated to any number of colors to match your home or they can be left unfinished for a more industrial modern look.

All of our hurricane rated Bahama Shutters are made from high grade 6063-T6 aluminum alloy (Don’t be fooled by some of our competitors who use less strong T5) and are designed to withstand the harsh sun, wind, rain, and salt air  without fading, cracking, mildewing, or rusting. We have partnered with, and only sell, Bertha Bahama Shutters - considered by many to be the strongest and most trusted brand in the hurricane protection business.

We currently offer three types of Bahama Shutters:

  • Impact Rated HVHZ HVHZ, or High Velocity Hurricane Zone, has been defined as Miami-Dade and Broward County Florida Only.  
  • Impact Rated Non-HVHZ  Non-HVHZ, or Non-High Velocity Hurricane Zone, has been defined as all locations other than Miami-Dade and Broward County Florida.
  • Decorative Only Non-Impact  Decorative Only Non-Impact shutters cannot be used for hurricane protection, however, they still provide many of the other benefits that Bahama shutters provide - like protection from the sun, architectural curb appeal, and privacy.
Impact Rated Bertha HVHZ Bahama shutters have a "Z" shaped blade and either a vented backing or solid backing on the back side of the shutter.  This backing provides additional strength to protect the opening from the stronger winds, rain, and air pressure found in the high velocity hurricane zones.  This backing is one of the reasons why Bertha Bahama Shutters are the best and strongest in the industry! Bertha HVHZ rated shutters have the highest rated maximum leeward pressure of -100 PSF  - this is the highest in the industry and is much higher than many of its competitors!
High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) rated shutters are generally only required if you live in Miami-Dade or Broward County, Florida (and some parts of Palm Beach County), however, you should contact your local municipality and/or insurance agent for clarification.
Impact Rated Non-HVHZ shutters have a 2" Blade and are approved for all other Florida locations. Impact Rated Non-HVHZ shutters are not required to have this backing, however, they do have a screen on the back side of the shutter which provides an additional wind barrier to deflect the strong winds and rain from the opening. This, too, is one of the reasons why Bertha Bahama Shutters are considered by many to be the best and strongest in the entire industry.
How to Order:

Step 1. Enter the Opening Type: Since Bahama Shutters are only used on windows, there is only one choice. Select Window.

Step 2. Select the Construction Type around your window:  This is needed to determine the amount of inches to add to the width and height of the opening to allow you to attach the shutters. Impact Bahama shutters are required to be attached to the main structural component of your property - generally either concrete or wood studs. Concrete homes generally require larger widths/heights than wood frame or brick homes.

Step 3. Select the Type of Bahama Shutter you are interested in: Select either Impact Rated HVHZ, Impact Rated Non-HVHZ, or Decorative Only Non-Impact.

Steps 4 and 5. Enter your Opening Width and Height in Inches: Only enter the width and height of the opening. Do not add additional inches for trim, etc. Our site will add the suggested additional inches for proper coverage. Please note, impact rated Bahama shutters have maximum widths and heights allowable to be rated for hurricane protection. If you enter a width or height that is beyond the allowable maximum, you will be directed to change your selected Bahama shutter type to Decorative Only.

Steps 6 and 7. Suggested Width and Height: Based on Steps 1-5, Our system will generate the suggested width and suggested height of your Bahama Shutter.  Verify that these suggested measurements will work for you by re-measuring your opening with these suggested measurements in mind. If you find you would like your shutter to be slightly wider, longer or shorter, feel free to change your dimensions in Steps 4 and 5 to generate your desired measurements in Steps 6 and 7. IMPORTANT: The finished height of the Bahama Shutter displayed on our website is the total height of the shutter only and does not include the hinge. The hinge adds an additional 2" (approximately - see below for diagrams) to the system. Please make sure to account for this.

Step 8. Select Your Color: Select your desired color. We offer 17 standard colors plus any custom color you choose. If you select “custom” color, enter the RAL code of the custom color you would like in Step 8.1. For a more industrial or modern look, you can also select “mill finish” which is the raw aluminum and is not powder coated. There are no costs associated with selecting mill finish.  

If you choose to, your Bahama Shutters will be powder coated with your selected color. Powder coating is a highly durable thermal bonding painting process that makes the shutters resistant to fading, chipping, scratching and overall wear and tear. Besides being durable, powder coating also protects the aluminum from damage such as rust and mildew - something quite common in hurricane prone areas.

Colors as seen on a computer or phone screen can differ significantly from the actual powder coating color. You have the option of requesting color codes from us from either Home Depot, Lowes, or Sherwin Williams which you can then take to your local store to create an approximate paint sample. Exterior latex paint colors are not an exact match for powder coating colors, however.

Step 9. Hinge Type (Or Step 10 for Decorative Only Shutters): Select your desired hinge type. Hinges come in Four (4) sizes - standard, a build-out (either 1/4” or 1”) and flat. The standard hinge is the most common and holds the shutter flat against the wall.  A build out hinge “builds out” or pushes out the shutter either 1/4” or 1” away from wall. Build-out hinges are generally used if you have a window sill or other type of obstruction that prevents the shutter from being held directly against the wall. A flat hinge is used to attach a Bahama shutter to a ceiling.


Step 9 - Decorative Bahama Shutters Only: If you selected Decorative Only - Non Impact as your Bahama Shutter type in Step 3, you have three choices of blades to choose from - 1-1/4”, 2” or a “Z” blade.

decorative-bahama-shutter-blade-types-diagram.png decorative-shutter-blade-type-photo.png

Step 10. Slide Rod Access or Tie-Down Angle Location:  Non-HVHZ Bahama shutters are secured to the home by a slide rod and HVHZ Bahama Shutters are secured by a Tie-Down Angle. The slide rod or tie-down angle is located at or near the bottom of the Bahama shutter and is used when a storm is approaching to secure the bottom of the Bahama Shutter to the house. Decorative Only Bahama Shutters do not have any locking mechanism. 

The slide rod locking pin has three options for its location - Rear, Bottom, or Face. The rear or bottom location is the most common as they are generally not visible from the street. The slide rod access can also be located on the face of the shutter, if needed, however, this will be visible and is usually considered less desirable. When a storm is approaching, you just slide the slide rod locking pin into the adjacent channel bracket to secure the shutter. 


For 2nd and 3rd floor locations, it is advisable to select the rear slide rod access location (not pictured). This allows the Bahama Shutter to be secured by opening the window from inside the house and locking the shutter down without the need for a ladder. A build-out hinge may be necessary to allow adequate access to the slide rod from inside the house. 

The channel bracket (and the hinge and extendable arms) will be powder coated the same color as the shutter. This is standard with our Bahama Shutters! Some competitors, however, will only provide non-powder coated accessories which have a much less desirable look and are less durable. 


Step 11. Impact Rated HVHZ Only: If you selected an Impact Rated HVHZ Bahama Shutter you need to select either a vented backing or solid backing for the back of the Bahama Shutter.  Vented backing has holes to allow light though while solid backing does not. 





  • Mullions are required for widths greater than 42 inches. All Bahama shutters ordered that are 42 inches wide or greater will have a center mullion. Wider shutters will have multiple mullions. Impact Rated HVHZ Shutters will have a required tie down angle and support arm located at the bottom of each mullion.