1/4-20 Combination Sidewalk Bolts for Hurricane Protection

1/4-20 Combination Sidewalk Bolts

1.00 LBS
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Combination sidewalk bolts for hurricane panel installation, Combo sidewalk bolts for hurricane panel installation
  • Made of 18-8 passivated Stainless Steel 

  • Combination Phillips / Slot Drive - use with #3 Phillips Bit.

  • Use either a #3 Phillips bit or a slotted bit to install into a 1/4-20 anchor, bushing, or other insert.

  • To install Sidewalk Combo Screws into concrete, you need the Combo Drill Bit (Click Here), Machine Set Screw Anchors (Click Here) and the Machine Setting Tool (Click Here)

  • To install Sidewalk Combo Screws into wood frame, you need the Female Panelmate Combo Drill Bit (Click Here) and Female Panelmate Anchors (Click Here)
  • Once installed, just unscrew the Sidewalk Bolt from either the Machine Set Screw Anchor or Female Panelmate Anchor, line up the hurricane panel over the Anchor, and then screw the Sidewalk Bolt back into the anchor. 

  • Combo Bolts can be painted to match the color of your house

  • Each sidewalk bolt has a head diameter of 3/4"

  • Can be purchased in bags of 25, 50 or 100 pieces