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2" BERTHA Clear Storm Panel

1.00 LBS
storm shutter dimensions
clear hurricane panels
miami dade approved storm shutter
clear panels
window storm shutters exterior
storm window panels
  • Approved for use by the Florida Building Code (HVHZ and Non-HVHZ), Texas Department of Insurance Standards (TDI), International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Building Code (IBC)

  • Made of strong polycarbonate

  • Allows for natural light to enter your home while still remaining protected

  • Desirable for businesses during severe weather so customers can see that you’re open.

  • Can be installed alone or mixed with metal panels

  • Most affordable type of approved storm protection

  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally

  • Fast and Easy Installation

  • Designed to be installed into a top header track and a bottom track or attached directly to the wall without tracks

  • Lightweight - Can be installed by one person!

  • Easy to Store - Approximately 7 panels takes up only 1 inch!

  • Provides for Insurance Discounts

  • Lexan is an extremely strong material, however, it can be scratched. When moving the panels (putting up, taking down, or storing), be sure to avoid contact with abrasive surfaces such as concrete walls, stucco, and sharp metal corners. Also, be sure to wash away abrasive particles and granuals of sand before storing in the nesting position. If panels need cleaning, use ONLY SOAPY WATER and a clean sponge or rag. Dishwashing detergent and water is recommended. DO NOT use ammonia, chlorine bleach, or any product containing solvent based ingredients. DO NOT use abrasive cleaners. DO NOT use steel wool pads, scrubber sponges, or a used sponge or rag that may have sand particles embedded in it.


Installation Instructions