Elco Panelmate concrete flush anchors

Concrete Insert Anchors - Use with Astroguard

4.00 LBS
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panelmate concrete flush anchors

Elco Panelmate insert anchors made of carbon steel with a Stalgard® finish for outstanding corrosion resistance. These anchors a commonly used with Astroguard fabric when installing into concrete, however, they are often used for other installations such as plywood, panels, etc. 

  • These are the Genuine Elco Panelmate EX310 and Elco Panelmate EX305 Anchors - made by Elco, the most recognized name for hurricane installation products
  • Comes in two overall lengths: 1-7/16" or 2-1/8". Generally, the shorter anchor is used for concrete homes without stucco and the longer anchor is used for homes with a stucco finish
  • Used with all 1/4-20 sidewalk bolts and truss bolts of all lengths. Insert Anchors are open ended to allow for bolts to extend past the anchor.
  • Installed by pre-drilling a 7/16" pilot hole and then using a 5/16" female panelmate hex driver (Found here)
  • BONUS! Includes a 1/4-20 Bonded Washer for each anchor - Similar to the small ones found here