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Front Door Hurricane Shield

20.00 LBS
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  • Revolutionary Door Shield - Protect your glass doors without being trapped inside! The door still opens and closes! 

  • No Need to Fully enclose your door opening - Works on both out-swing and in-swing doors. 

  • Door Shield installs in minutes over your existing doors with no tools required and no drilling into the existing structure of your home. All hardware included.

  • Allows for quick and convenient access to your doors while protecting your home and is easily removable once the storm has passed. 

  • Florida Building Code Approved (Non-HVHZ zones Only).

  • Door Shield simply slides over your door - No unsightly bolts or drilling required.

  • Each Door Shield Kit is 28 Inches Wide - Enough to Cover most Glass Door Inserts. If extra widths are needed please call.

  • Approved for use with door systems that hold a current Florida State Product approval. Door Shield fits over any standard door however.

  • Requires enough spacing (Approx 1/8") between the door and door jamb on all sides. Please verify prior to ordering.

  • Door Shield can be purchased with:

(1) Top and Bottom Rails Only Including Hardware - No panels

(2) With two 2¼" .030 BERTHA Galvanized Steel Panels

(3) With two 2" Bertha Clear Panels 

  • If purchasing with panels, Panels will be 77.25" in length for a Standard Door and 93.25" in length for a Tall Door. 

  • If you have a door that is any other height, measure the height of the door and subtract 2.75". This will be the length of the panels you would need for the DoorShield. You would then need to (1) order the DoorShield Kit Only on this page and (2) Go to the Page of the panel you want to use, select the length of the panels you need and add them to the cart. 


Step #1

Slide or place the DoorShield on the top frame of your door.

Then center it over the glass insert of your door.


Step #2

Slide the DoorShield under the bottom of your door.

Then center it under the glass insert of your door. 


Step #3

Slide the included bolts down the track of the DoorShield.


Step #4

Place the provided storm panels over the bolts.


Step #5 - The Last Step!

Secure the panels with the provided wingnuts.


And that's it! It's that simple!


What's Included:
Two (2) 28" Patented DoorShields - One top and one bottom.
Two (2) 2¼" .030 BERTHA Galvanized Steel Panels or two (2) 2" Bertha Clear Panels
Felt Pads
10 Bolts
10 Wingnuts